Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting Ready to Get Back to Work

One of the things I love about the HypnoBirthing program and certification is that they require continuing education, recertification, and additional reading.  Sure, this can be time consuming and if you forget until the last minute can induce stress.  But the reality is that what we know about birth is changing as new information comes out, as new studies prove long-held beliefs about prenatal bonding, and as we see places where HypnoBirthing can grow or improve.

This past weekend I got to be a "Be Back."  In HypnoBirthing, you can attend a training for new practitioners at a discounted price as a refresher.  This was great for me as I've taken a break from teaching while we moved, and it was so amazing to meet women from all over the south who came together to learn how to help parents bring their children into the world in calm and peace.  It's so delightful to be surrounded by natural birth advocates, many with their own beautiful stories of HypnoBirthing births that changed their lives.  I also got to meet two other HypnoBirthing practitioners who have been teaching in this area for years and have had great success and met wonderful families here.  It really affirms our choice to make this move.

Now I am pumped and ready to begin.  I'll be beginning my first Katy, Texas class on June 22, which means I require a deposit by this Saturday the 15th.  You can click on the Calendar and Registration tab to register for a class.

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