Sunday, October 21, 2012

Freedom For Birth

At the HypnoBirthing Conclave this year, we screened the film Freedom for Birth and it lit a fire in many of us!

I was fortunate enough to have two beautiful home births, although only one was paid in part by insurance.  It was worth it for us to have the birth that we had envisioned for our children.  Having to pay for our second birth was a huge expense for us, but we still had the legal right to the birth that we knew was right for us.  I know a home birth isn't right for everyone, but that should be up to the family.

You can watch the whole film here, and then in the comments feel free to open the discussion about how we can lead the revolution.  Even here in Alaska, where midwifery is essential for many remote births, and a part of our urban births as well, midwives still have to fight for the right to honor families who want a natural pregnancy and birth.  Let's continue the REVOLUTION!

Watch Freedom for Birth now!

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